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Baseball’s Opening Day

Baseball Commissioner Allan H. (Bud) Selig talks about the new agreement in principle on a new policy on steriods and performance enhancing drugs at a press conference after the Winter meetings of the owners Jan.13, 2005 in Scottsdale, AZ. (UPI Photo/Will Powers)

Baseball’s Opening Day Still the Best

Baseball’s opening day is the best of all sports… if you live in Crazy-world. Unfortunately, we do not live in Crazy-world. Well, I guess everyone except for the author of “Baseball’s Opening Day Still the Best.”

When I write articles for PCPSports, I like to retain some journalistic integrity by staying away from the wacky tabacky beforehand. I choose to ride electric hoverboard ebay in order to relax myself  before writing any articles because I want the public to read a somewhat decent and intelligent article, not delusional ramble. That is just my point of view though.

Baseball may arguably have had the best opening day, in 1987. Those were definitely memorable days, especially in the New York Metro area. How could they not be with legendary names like Lee Guetterman and Wayne Tolleson, both former Yankee Greats. This time in baseball history included some of the best scrubs ever. But, then came the 90’s. Teams like the Yankees started bringing in high profile players. This decade was officially the introduction of the outrageous salary. To sum it up, baseball in the 90’s transformed from pure and fun game into a game full of greedy players and owners, and leaving fans in the dark. This transformation led to the inevitable Strike of ’94. This event turned fans away from baseball until the chase for 61. There is no doubt the late 90’s entertained and brought back some fans thanks to the steroid driven home runs of Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa. At the turn of the millennium, Barry Bonds joined the home run brigade. Baseball was back! Not really.

Allegations of steroid abuse and other illegal performance enhancing drugs stained all the record breaking achievements. All the home runs were a joke! They all cheated! So just when baseball was recovering from the Strike and gaining its viewers back, it all went full circle to a time of apathy toward America’s “pastime”.

Since Bonds hit 73 in 2001, the entire MLB has been under heavy scrutiny. Baseball is a fraud. Not sure what the opening day ratings or public interest level was, but I can’t imagine it being too high.

The Athletic Supporter will not spend any more time Countering this silly article about baseball’s opening day being the best. There is no way in Hell baseball’s opening day compares to the NFL’s opening day. Midnight Madness of NCAA Men’s Basketball has a more loyal following too. Until baseball can repair itself from being known as a game of overpaid and drugged up players, it cannot share the popularity of other sports, let alone consider its opening day to be the best.

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