Club Training Schedule

Below is our weekly club (Team Nor’Easter) 2008 training schedule.  Open to all new and seasoned athletes!

All Sessions are led by experienced coaches and athletes.

Please check back here for periodic schedule updates. We won’t be taking sessions off the schedule, but we may add in some new weekly runs, rides, or swims.  Any changes, postponements, or cancellations of a scheduled workout will be posted on the home page.

We also strongly encourage you to join other activities offer by other local clubs (ex. group rides organized by other cycling clubs, master swim programs, etc). 

Any questions about the schedule or other group activities please give us a shout.  Hope to see you soon!

Free for club members.  If not a member, welcome to jump into a workout….and hopefully you’ll join the club!

To download our training schedule PDF, click here.

Day Time Workout Where Notes
Tuesday 6:00am Beginner’s Group ride Peak Performance, Portland Starting 4/29
6:00pm Group Open Ride Peak Performance, Portland Starting 4/29
6:00am Women’s Group Ride
optional quick run after
Peak Performance, Portland Starting 4/30
6:00pm Track Workout Falmouth Middle/High School Starting 4/30
Friday 6:00am Open Water Swim
optional hill ride to follow swim
Crystal Lake, Gray Starting 5/16
12:15pm Group Open Run Peak Performance, Portland Underway
Sunday 8:00am Long Run Peak Performance, Portland Starting 6/1

Any comments or recommendations…..please let us know!